Protect skin & hair from UV rays.

ZenonLife’s Sunscreen for the Scalp provides SPF 40 protection, shielding your scalp from harmful UV radiation while also allowing you to enjoy maximum style and volume. Enriched with antioxidant, amino acid and vitamin-rich ingredients, this advanced formula was designed to nourish your hair from root to tip, helping to restore life and vitality to dull, dry and brittle locks. Infused with safflower seed oil and green tea oil, and powered by safe and effective UV filters, this sunscreen not only helps to protect you from the sun but also lifts your hair to create lasting volume and shine, ensuring that you stay protected while looking stylish.

The significance of protecting your scalp from the sun’s rays cannot be underestimated. Scientists estimate that every year, millions of skin cancer cases have their roots in sun damage that could have been prevented, and the risk is even greater for those of us with thinning or baldness, as our scalps are far more exposed than those of people with more hair. ZenonLife’s Sunscreen for the Scalp is a revolutionary product designed to protect and nourish your scalp without sacrificing style or volume - keeping you safe from harm while also looking your best.


Sunscreen for Scalp,


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