Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Sunscreen for Hair and Scalp

When you are out in the sun, it’s important to stay protected from harmful UV rays. Unfortunately, many people don’t think about protecting their hair and scalp with sunscreen when venturing outdoors. As it turns out, scalp and hair sunscreen can be extremely beneficial in protecting yourself from sun damage and skin cancer, while looking stylish. Here are some frequently asked questions on the best sunscreen for your hair and scalp:

Q: What Types of Sunscreens Are Right For My Hair and Scalp?

A: The best sunscreen for your hair and scalp should have an SPF of at least 30, and be water-resistant, so it can stay in place and protect you in water and during activities. It’s also important to look for sunscreens that are free of potentially irritating chemicals. All-natural or mineral based formulas are best for hair and scalp protection. ZenonLife's Scalp & Hair Sunscreen SPF 40 Protect, Style & Volumize is ideal as it combines sunscreen actives with nourishing ingredients and natural boosters for the hair and scalp.

Q: How Should I Apply Sunscreen to My Hair and Scalp?

A: Start by applying a golf ball-sized amount of sunscreen to your hair and scalp, and then using circular motions and even pressure to massage it in. This will help the formula effectively penetrate the scalp and hair strands. Make sure to spread it evenly and thoroughly, and pay special attention to the scalp, temples, and ears. Reapply your sunscreen every two hours or sooner after swimming or sweating.

Q:Why Should I Use a Sunscreen on My Hair and Scalp?

A: Not only will sunscreen protect your scalp and hair from sun-induced damage, but it can also add a touch of style. Afterall, who doesn’t want healthy, vibrant, voluminous hair? Sunscreen can also protect the hair follicles, meaning that hair loss and thinning can be prevented with regular use. Finally, applying sunscreen to your hair also makes your products such as hair dye and perms last longer in the sun.

Q: Are There Special Ingredients I Should Look for in Sunscreen For My Hair and Scalp?

A: Yes, look for a sunscreen with nourishing antioxidants, amino acids, and nutrients that will help your hair stay healthy and nourished. ZenonLife's Scalp & Hair Sunscreen SPF 40 Protect, Style & Volumize contains safflower seed oil and green tea oil, which helps to lift the hair and provide volume, and a proprietary collagen and silk amino acid formula to give your hair pliability and strength. Other beneficial ingredients to look for include niacinamide, green tea extract, coffee extract, licorice root extract, and microalgae extract.

Q: How Often Should I Use Sunscreen On My Hair And Scalp?

A: As a general rule, it’s best to apply sunscreen to your hair and scalp as often as possible. This should be done whenever you plan to spend more than 15 minutes in direct sunlight, whether you’re exercising, going for a walk, or simply spending time outdoors. The scalp and face are especially sensitive to sun damage, so applying sunscreen regularly is key to keeping them safe.

ZenonLife's Scalp & Hair Sunscreen SPF 40 Protect, Style & Volumize is a vegan, gluten free, paraben free, cruelty free, and free from synthetic fragrances and ingredients. It keeps hair healthy and protected, while styling and adding lift and volume. So go forth and stay protected while looking stylish-- with ZenonLife!


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