Stay chic & safe with SPF 40 Scalp & Hair Sunscreen.

Our scalps and hair are exposed to the elements, UV rays, sweat, tangle and humidity every single day. Nobody wants to go out in public with their head feeling as rough and rugged as a badly worn rope. A balanced and healthy scalp helps protect the hair while providing natural protection against the elements. But sometimes, there just isn’t enough protection from the sun. Here at ZenonLife, we believe in giving your scalp and hair the highest level of protection with Scalp & Hair Sunscreen SPF 40 – designed for maximum protection against UV-rays and helps you stay stylish while feeling confident.

A good quality sunscreen for the scalp is essential for protecting this delicate and vulnerable area since it is exposed to the harshness of the sun day in and day out. Sunlight triggers the production of free radicals in the hair, which can weaken the scalp, causing the scalp tissue to become fragile and lead to sunburn. Sun damage is associated with several skin conditions and can even lead to skin cancer. The sun’s rays are especially harsh during the summer months, so it is important to protect your scalp from the damaging UV rays.

ZenonLife has designed a sunscreen specifically tailored to the needs of the scalp and hair. It’s called “Scalp & Hair Sunscreen SPF 40 Protect, Style & Volumize”. It is formulated to protect and nourish your scalp and hair while styling it into beautiful locks. This sunscreen is enriched with antioxidants, amino acids, and nutrients that nourish and strengthen the strands at the root level. This proprietary technology delivers an amazing lift and volume. Your hair will look and feel softer and healthier than before. In addition, it is powered with safe and effective UV actives, like Homosalate, Octocrylene, Octisalate, Avobenzone, and more, for maximum protection against UV rays.

ZenonLife's Scalp and Hair Sunscreen SPF 40 is the perfect option for anyone looking for maximum protection and a style boost. It’s the perfect topical solution to shield your head and hair from the sun. It’s a great product to keep in your pocket during summer for those arms, back, or shoulders that get sunburn, and it’s also a great product to keep in your bathroom year-round for those days when you forget to put on your sun hat. Say goodbye to a sunburned scalp and protect your scalp while enjoying the confidence of healthy, worry-free locks.

Stay protected while looking stylish with ZenonLife Scalp and Hair Sunscreen SPF 40.


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