Protect hair color with stylish sun protection.

For many of us, our hair is our crowning glory, something that we often take for granted until we start to lose it. Whether it’s due to balding, graying or just a desire to switch up our look, hair color and treatments become part of our normal cosmetic routine. With the summer sun beating down on our heads, it’s important to protect both our skin and hair to safeguard against skin cancer and sun damage. Hair color and treatments such as highlights, balayage, and ombre can be beautiful, but if unprotected, can become dull and damaged under the hot summer rays. This is why it’s so important to use sunscreen designed specifically for your hair color.

When it comes to finding the right sunscreen for your hair color there are a few things you should consider.

1. Ingredients: Just like we pay attention to the ingredients in our facial sunscreen, we should do the same with our hair sunscreen. Many sunscreens on the market contain chemical actives such as avobenzone and oxybenzone. While these may effectively protect your hair from sun damage, some studies have found them to have a drying effect and even shown them to interfere with hormone production. We recommend looking into sunscreens that contain natural, organic ingredients such as green tea extract and coffee extract, as these actives are known to have nourishing and antioxidant properties. Scalp & Hair Sunscreen from ZenonLife is a great example of a sunscreen specifically designed for the hair that is enriched with natural and organic ingredients like these.

2. SPF:UV protection is the main purpose of sunscreen, so you should pay special attention to the SPF of any product you use. In general, it’s best to look into sunscreens that contain an SPF of at least 30 as this will provide adequate protection for most activities.

3. Value for Money: While it’s important to be aware of the price tag associated with any sunscreen, it’s equally important to consider the long-term cost of protecting your hair with the right product. Most sunscreens are designed to last for up to four hours. This means that, depending on the amount of time you spend outside, you may be reapplying the sunscreen several times throughout the day. Consider products that provide a long-lasting feel without the need to be reapplied every couple of hours.

4. Look and feel: Sunscreen is an obviously essential part of your summer protection, but that doesn’t mean it can’t look good and contribute to a stylish look. Look for sunscreens that offer special characteristics such as volumizing or color protection. Scalp & Hair Sunscreen from ZenonLife is a great choice for volumizing your hair as it contains a proprietary technology that delivers natural lift and amazing hold.

5. Ease of use: When looking for the perfect sunscreen for your hair color, it’s important to find a product that’s easy to use and apply. Some sunscreens are thick and difficult to spread, making them a hassle to apply and resulting in uneven coverage. Others may be difficult to remove. Look for a sunscreen that not only provides great protection but is also easy to apply and remove and will give you perfectly applied sun protection each time.

Using sunscreen to protect hair from the sun is extremely important and should be a part of your summer protection routine. When looking for the right sunscreen for your hair color, keep in mind all the factors mentioned above to make sure you find the best product that will keep your hair healthy and looking beautiful.


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