Protect scalp & hair with SPF 40 from ZenonLife.

But with the proper protection, we can enjoy beautiful, healthy locks while still facing our environment every day. That’s why we felt a deep sense of satisfaction when we tried ZenonLife’s Scalp & Hair Sunscreen. Optimally formulated for the maximum defense of both ultraviolet A rays and ultraviolet B rays, Scalp & Hair Sunscreen gives powerful protection at 40 SPF. It is enriched with powerful antioxidant elements, amino acids, and natural nutriments that work to nurture and rehydrate dry, dry, brittle strands. Our scalp and hair are also safeguarded from the everyday effects of wind and environment, making it much less prone to serious damage.

Take joy in the renewed fullness, volume and luminescence of your hair. With the use of this fascinating product, men and women could stay protected while looking stylish. Scalp & Hair Sunscreen brings a lot to the challenge in terms of revitalizing hair well-being and skin health. This sunscreen is powered with safe and highly effective climate protecting components to ensure the superior defense of the scalp and hair. It is then further strengthened with a proprietary collagen and silk amino acids, supplemented with rich antioxidants like niacinamide, coffee extract and microalgae extract, and infused with safflower seed oil and green tea oil.

Long-term use of Scalp & Hair Sunscreen is recommended, as it forms a protective barrier to protect scalp and hair while styling, and promotes healthy hair growth. It’s the optimal tool for those who want to preserve their locks, while still maintaining the confidence of a healthier, worry-free space.

ZenonLife’s Scalp & Hair Sunscreen SPF 40 Protect, Style & Volumize offers a powerful defense against the sun's damaging UVA rays and environmental conditions that can lead to thinning, breakage, and visibility. Far from compromising the appearance, the product does just the opposite - thickening locks, celebrating their shine and improving their color. By using it, you can look forward to all the benefits - including a heightened sense of security and style.


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