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5 Steps to Protecting Your Scalp from the Sun's Harmful Rays in Texas

When you think of sunny weather, living in Texas probably comes to mind. With all the sunshine, how is it possible to protect your scalp from sun damage and heat? Thankfully, there are ways to protect your scalp while still enjoying the outdoors. Here are five steps to protect your scalp from the sun’s harmful rays in Texas.

1. Wear a Hat:

One of the most practical ways to protect your scalp is by wearing a hat. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing to wear a fedora and look fashionable, but it also provides your scalp maximum protection from the sun’s UV rays. Opt for a wide-brimmed hat such as a fedora, which provides the most protection as it covers your face, ears, and neck. Choose one that is made of a breathable fabric such as cotton so you don’t sweat profusely while wearing it. During the hot summer days, the widest brim hats such as a cowboy hat offers the best protection from the sun’s rays.

2. Avoid Outdoors During Peak Hours:

Knowing when to avoid going outdoors in the sun is just as important as knowing when it is safe to head out. Peak hours when the sun’s rays are at their most damaging is typically in the hours between 10am-4pm. During peak hours, opt for being indoors to avoid sun exposure to the scalp. If you must go outdoors during peak hours, always remember to wear a hat and sunscreen on vulnerable areas like the scalp.

3. Apply a Scalp Sunscreen SPF 40:

Using a sunscreen specifically designed for the scalp is essential for maximum protection. Look for the key ingredients, such as Homosalate, Octocrylene, Octisalate, and Avobenzone, which are known for their UV protective benefits. A scalp sunscreen with SPF 40 not only helps prevent sunburn and skin cancer but also nourishes the hair and scalp. The formula locks in natural moisture, leaving hair fuller and stronger.

4. Wear Hair Protection Styles:

For those looking for maximum protection, wearing a protective style like a braid or scarf is key. Protective styles can be customized to provide the highest level of protection. To get the best results, opt to use heatless protective styling methods as heat can make the scalp more vulnerable to sunburn. Take away the hassle of braiding in today's world and look for styles that are water-resistant and shield the scalp and hair from repelling moisture.

5. Use Sunscreen on Even Cloudy or Overcast Days:

It’s easy to think that the sun’s UV rays are not as harsh on a cloudy day. However, be sure to apply sunscreen regardless of the weather forecast. Though the clouds offer some protection, they are not a strong shield and can actually amplify the intensity of the sun’s UV rays.

Protecting your scalp from the sun’s harmful rays is key for maintaining healthy and strong hair. Before planning your outdoor adventures in Texas, remember to check the forecast, and be proactive in protecting your scalp and hair.


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