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Protecting Hair from Sun Damage with Sunscreen - Scalp & Hair Sunscreen SPF 40

In Southern California and across much of the United States, we are all familiar with the dangers of sun exposure and the need to wear protective sunscreen. Though we often think of the skin on our face or body when considering sun protection, few of us consider the scalp and our hair as needing similar protection. With the sweltering sunshine and UV radiation in California, it's important to remember that our hair can be just as vulnerable to sun damage as our skin. The good news is there's an easy, effective way to keep your scalp and hair safeguarded from the sun's harmful rays —use a high quality scalp and hair sunscreen to protect, style, and volumize your hair.

Zenon Life, a world renowned anti-cancer beauty brand created by dermatologists and healers, offers a Scalp & Hair Sunscreen SPF 40 that is specifically designed to protect the scalp and hair from sunburn and skin cancer. As the brand's top priority is the health of their customers, their sunscreen is formulated with a unique blend of nourishing and strengthening ingredients to ensure healthy hair and a worry-free headspace.

Nutrients such as antioxidants, amino acids, and nutrients nourish the scalp and hair from root to tip. The sunscreen is fortified with collagen and silk amino acids for incredible lift and volume, as well as safflower seed oil and green tea oil. It also contains effective UV actives, such as homosalate, octocrylene, octisalate, and avobenzone, which work to protect against the sun's UVA and UVB rays.

Balding is caused by a number of different factors, from genetics to hormones to age. But did you know that sun damage can add to the condition of thinning hair? Hair thinning from sun damage is caused by overactive melanocytes, which produce too much pigment, resulting in discoloration and a weakened hair shaft. Sun exposure can also cause sunburns, dryness, frizz, and breakage, all of which contribute to thinning hair.

That's why it's so important for those with thinning hair or at risk of thinning hair to apply sunscreen on their scalp and hair. Using one with SPF 40 or higher will offer maximum protection, giving you an added layer of defense against the sun's harmful rays.

At Zenon Life, you can help protect your scalp and hair from sun damage, while also nourishing and strengthening your strands. Their Scalp & Hair Sunscreen SPF 40 is sure to be your go-to for confidently safeguarding your scalp while enjoying the lift and volume and shiny, vibrant tresses.



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