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The Top 5 Things to Consider When Selecting a Hair Spray with SPF for Texans

Summertime is here again and along with it comes the danger of UV rays and sunburns. Texans know the importance of protecting their skin from UV radiation more than anyone, but many of us forget that our scalp and hair are just as vulnerable. That’s why it’s important to find a quality hairspray with SPF that can not only protect us from the sun, but can also help us style and volumize our hair.

When selecting a hairspray with SPF, there are five essential elements to consider: protection and prevention, nourishment and strengthening, lift and styling, ingredients, and UV actives. Weighing all these factors carefully will help you determine which hairspray is right for you.

Protection and Prevention

The first and most important factor to consider with a hairspray with SPF is protection and prevention. After all, the whole point of a hairspray with SPF is to shield your scalp and hair from sun damage and prevent skin cancer. That’s why it’s important to find a hairspray that is specifically designed to guard against UV radiation. Look for products that are formulated with ingredients that are known to protect against the sun’s harmful rays, such as antioxidants, amino acids, and nutrients.

Nourishment and Strengthening

A quality hairspray with SPF will not only protect your hair and scalp, but will also nourish and strengthen your strands. Look for a hairspray that is enriched with ingredients that are known to moisturize, such as safflower seed oil and green tea oil. This will not only help to nourish your hair, but also help to keep it strong and healthy in the long-term.

Lift and Styling

When selecting a hairspray with SPF, be sure to choose one that is designed to lift and style. Look for products that are infused with collagen and silk amino acids, as these ingredients will help you achieve that extra boost of lift and volume that we all love. Additionally, consider choosing a product that is designed to hold and shape your style for an extra bit of confidence.


Ingredients are crucial when it comes to finding a quality hairspray with SPF. The best products will not only have those ingredients mentioned above, but will also be enriched with natural and organic ingredients. Look for products that are formulated with niacinamide, green tea extract, coffee extract, licorice root extract, and microalgae extract for maximum nourishment and protection.

UV Actives

Finally, the best hairsprays with SPF will also contain UV actives. UV actives are the ingredients in a product that actually absorb and block the UV rays from reaching your skin. Look for products that contain UV actives such as Homosalate, Octocrylene, Octisalate, and Avobenzone for maximum protection.

When selecting the perfect hairspray with SPF, it’s important to consider all of the above factors. Remember, choosing a quality product will ensure that your scalp and hair are guarded from UV radiation, nourished, strengthened, lifted, and stylishly held in place.


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