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SmarterSuncare for a Notoriously Hot Texas Summer: Top 5 Things to Consider for SPF Scalp Protection

Every summer, Texans across the state brace for the seasonal switch-up in the weather. With high humidity, scorching sun, and daily temperatures often rising to upwards of 95°F, it can be a difficult challenge to protect our skin and hair from sun damage. And if you live in Texas, hair thinning due to sun damage is a very real risk. Luckily, there’s an ally in the fight against sun-induced hair loss: sunscreen.

When it comes to sunscreens specifically meant for your scalp, there are a few key elements to consider to ensure that you’re both protected and stylish this summer. Read on to learn more about the top 5 considerations for sunscreen for the scalp!

1. UVA/UVB Protection

The most important factor when choosing sunscreen for your scalp is to make sure that you pick a product that offers full spectrum (UVA/UVB) protection. UVA rays penetrate the skin more deeply than UVB rays, and both can contribute to skin cancer and premature aging. UVA rays are also what causes sun-induced hair thinning, so it’s important to make sure your scalp sunscreen offers protection from both types.

2. Nourishing Formula

While it’s important to find a sunscreen that is effective in blocking UV rays, it’s also essential to find a formula that will nourish your hair and scalp. Look for a sunscreen that is enriched with antioxidants, amino acids, and nutrients to help nourish your hair from the root up and prevent dry, brittle hair.

3. Porous Application

When applying sunscreen to your scalp, you want to make sure the product allows your scalp to breathe. This means you want to look for a product that is light and non-greasy, so that it can penetrate the scalp for effective protection without clogging the pores.

4. Volumizing Effect

Many scalp sunscreens on the market today include unique ingredients pertaining to volumizing your hair. These types of products can not only provide you with protection from the sun, but also from UV rays and other environmental factors, giving your hair more volume and bounce.

5. Price & Quality

Of course, price plays a big part in your sunscreen/haircare purchase, especially in a climate like Texas where it’s so hot that you may need to reapply every few hours. That being said, it’s important to find a sunscreen that fits your budget and also provides you with the quality and protection you need.

Whether you’re sporting a buzz cut or long locks, sunscreen for the scalp is essential in the hot and sunny Lone Star State. Be sure to consider all five of these factors to ensure that you’re enjoying the best protection and style this summer.


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