Sunscreen For Your Scalp

Protecting Your Scalp from Sun Damage & Thinning Hair: Things to Consider When Evaluating Sunscreen for Your Scalp (Texas)

Summer, sunshine, and long days by the beach—they’re all a part of life in Texas. But they also come with a shadow of danger—that of sunburn and skin cancer. We can’t live our lives hiding in shadows, so how can we protect ourselves while also enjoying the beautiful outdoors?

The answer is simple: a sunscreen designed specifically for your scalp and hair. Wearing a hat or scarf to protect your scalp from the sun is a good start, but there’s more to preserving your scalp health than that. To find the best product for you, you’ll want to consider a few important factors when evaluating sunscreen for your scalp.

First and foremost, consider the ingredients. Look for sunscreens with “broad spectrum” listed in its description and UV actives like homosalate, avobenzone, octocrylene, and octisalate. These are the ingredients that actually absorb and block the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. Also, look for sunscreens that are supplemented with antioxidants, amino acids, and nutrients that nourish your scalp and hair. These ingredients will work to counteract the drying and damaging effects of the sun’s rays.

Second, consider the SPF. Sunscreens are assigned a number that indicates how well they will protect your skin from the sun’s rays. A higher SPF means more protection. Look for a sunscreen that has an SPF of at least 30; many scalp sunscreens have an SPF of 40 or more.

Third, consider the texture. Some sunscreens may feel a bit greasy or heavy, especially if they’re meant to be applied to large areas of skin. When looking for a scalp sunscreen, look for one that has a lightweight texture and doesn’t leave your hair feeling greasy or weighed down.

Finally, consider your budget and your personal preferences. You’ll also want to ensure you are purchasing a product that is affordable and fits into your budget. Consider your lifestyle—do you prefer natural or organic products? Do you prefer products in aerosol cans or sprays? Will the sunscreen leave your hair smelling nice?

These are all factors to consider when searching for the best sunscreen for your scalp. Sunscreens, much like other products, come in a variety of formulations and strengths. Think carefully about your needs and preferences, so you can narrow down your choices and find the best one for you.

Protect your scalp and hair with the right sunscreen for your scalp and hair type. Sunburns and skin cancer can be avoided with the proper use of sunscreen. Do your research and find a sunscreen that suits you, so you can protect your scalp from damage while also enjoying the joys of summer in Texas.


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