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FAQs on Sunscreen for Hair Parting in Florida – Scalp & Hair Sunscreen SPF 40

Living in Florida brings many sunny days year around, but anyone with thinning hair knows that too much sun can cause damage to the scalp that can worsen hair loss. But did you know that scalp protection from UVA and UVB rays is important for overall scalp and hair health? With the right products and precautions, you can protect your scalp and hair from sun damage and stop thinning in its tracks. Here are the answers to all your questions related to the usage of sunscreen for hair parting in Florida.

What is UV hair loss?

UV hair loss, also known as sun damage, is the gradual process of weakening the hair follicles due to excessive ultraviolet radiation. This may eventually lead to balding as the weakened follicles fail to produce new hair strands. In order for someone to protect himself from hair loss caused by UV radiation, he must understand the different types of UV radiation.

What types of UV radiation are there?

The two types of ultraviolet radiation (UV) are UVA and UVB. UVA rays, which have longer wave lengths, penetrate deeper into the skin and cause the most damage to the underlying structures. UVB rays, on the other hand, penetrate more superficially in the skin and cause sunburn. In general, thumb rule is that UVA rays are responsible for tanning and UVB rays lead to burns.

What are the effects of UV radiation on scalp and hair?

The UVA rays, when they reach the dermal level of the scalp, causes sunburn and hastens hair thinning by drying out the strands and making them weak. UVB rays cause sunburn and,on prolonged exposure, can damage and weaken the follicles so that they produce only weaker shafts of hair that are more prone to breakage, which might lead to baldness.

What are the best ways to protect the scalp and hair from UV radiation?

The best way to guard against UV radiation on the scalp and hair is to apply sunscreen with a high SPF value. Sunscreens with SPF 40 should be preferred since they block a large portion of the UV radiations from reaching the scalp. Additionally, wearing a hat or a scarf that blocks the UV radiation from reaching the hair will protect it from sun damage.

What are the benefits of using a sunscreen specifically designed for scalp and hair?

The sunscreen designed specifically for scalp and hair offers numerous benefits. It helps protect the scalp and hair from UV radiation, promotes healthy scalp and hair growth, and adds lift and volume to the strands. In addition, these sunscreens are enriched with antioxidants and amino acids that nourish the hair and add radiance to its appearance.


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