How To Apply Sunscreen To Scalp

How to Apply Sunscreen to Your Scalp: 5 Things to Consider

We all want to take proper care of our skin, especially when it comes to sun protection. Yet when it comes to applying sunscreen to our scalps, there are a few things to consider that are often overlooked. From the balding man in Texas to women of all ages, understanding the importance of protecting your scalp from sun and environmental damage is key to ensuring healthy and radiant hair for years to come. From finding the right sunscreen for your scalp to laying down proper sun protection basics, here are five things to consider when applying sunscreen to your scalp.

1. Know Your Scalp Type

The first thing to consider before apply sunscreens is to know what type of scalp you have. Scalps range from normal to oily, dry, combination, sensitive, and sun damaged. Knowing your scalp type can inform your decision for which sunscreen you choose, as this could determine the suitability of the sunscreen for your needs. Generally, the lighter a sunscreen, the less likely it is to cause irritation to sensitive scalps, whereas heavier sunscreens offer more coverage for larger areas of exposed skin.

2. Find the Right Sunscreen

Once you’ve determined your scalp type, finding an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) sunscreen specifically for your scalp is the next step. Look for sunscreens with higher SPF ratings, as this is an indication of better protection against the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. Avoid those with harsh or synthetic ingredients and select those that are made with natural, organic ingredients that are gentle on your scalp. Another helpful tip is to select a sunscreen that provides nourishment to your scalp and hair, such as those with antioxidants, amino acids, and nutrients, which can keep your hair strong and healthy.

3. Protect Thinning Hair

When it comes to SPF protection, thinning hair or balding areas need to be a top priority. Men in particular may be at a higher risk of scalp damage due to regular hair loss or thinning. It’s important to add a hat or scarf to the mix when it comes to sun protection, as the lack of hair may make it difficult to layer on an adequate amount of SPF. This can be accomplished by finding a sunscreen that features a lift and volume technology that can keep your scalp safe and give your hair a confident and stylish look.

4. Invest in UV Protection Product

For a more proactive approach to scalp protection, invest in some UV protection products. Found in many beauty and skin care aisles, UV protection products are specifically designed to protect and nourish your scalp in order to keep it safe from UVA and UVB rays. Look for products that contain ingredients such as niacinamide, green tea extract, and licorice root extract, as these will help nourish your scalp while providing it with the protection it needs.

5. Practice Good Habits

Finally, be sure to practice good sun protection habits in order to ensure that your scalp is protected from the sun’s harsh rays. This means making sure to limit your sun exposure, wear a hat or scarf when out in the sun, and make sure to apply sunscreen to exposed areas of skin before heading out. This can be especially important in sun-heavy places like Texas, where the intense heat and UV rays could cause more damage if proper protection is not taken.

At the end of the day, taking proper care of your scalp by applying sunscreen can make a world of difference in how healthy, strong, and vibrant your hair looks and feels. Whether you’re dealing with thinning hair, sun damaged scalp, or simply want to ensure your strands stay healthy with the sun’s harsh UVA and UVB rays, understanding the importance of the correct sunscreen and protection methods can make a huge difference. So take the time to understand your scalp type, find the right sunscreen for your needs, invest in UV protection products, and practice good sun protection habits for the benefit of your scalp and hair.


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