Risk Of Scalp Sunscreen For Thin Hair

Protect Scalp & Hair from Sun Damage with SPF 40 – a Guide for California

With sunny weather and warm days year-round, Californians deal with more direct sunlight than many, making sunscreen use essential for skin health. But many of us often overlook or underestimate the importance of scalp and hair protection from the sun. Even though our hair may not get sunburnt, prolonged exposure to the sun’s powerful UV rays can still cause serious damage. No matter what type of hair you have, a sunscreen for your scalp and hair can help you stay protected from sun damage, while keeping your hair looking healthy and vibrant.

In this guide, we’ll discuss the dangers of prolonged sun exposure for scalp and hair health, how to choose the right scalp and hair sunscreen, and the benefits that come with using a sunscreen specifically formulated for scalp and hair health.

The Dangers of Prolonged Sun Exposure

When people hear the word “sunburn”, they often picture a painful reddening of the skin. However, sunburn isn’t the only type of damage the sun can do to your scalp and hair. Prolonged exposure to its UV rays, both UVA and UVB, can cause your hair to lose its natural luster and shine, become dry and brittle, and even lead to hair thinning and breakage.

UV rays can also damage both internal and external structures of your scalp and hair, from the dermal papillae that regulate hair growth to the protein bonds that keep your hair intact, making them weaker and more prone to damage. Additionally, UVA rays can penetrate deeper into the skin, causing signs of aging, such as wrinkles, that can eventually lead to skin cancer.

Essential for daily use, a good scalp and hair sunscreen can not only protect you from the sun’s damaging rays, but can also help strengthen and nourish your scalp and hair, allowing you to maintain strong, healthy-looking locks.

Choosing the Right Scalp and Hair Sunscreen

When searching for the right scalp and hair sunscreen, it’s important to think about your hair type and lifestyle. If you plan to spend a lot of time outside, look for a sunscreen with an SPF rating of at least 30 and that is water and sweat resistant.

For additional sun protection, look for a sunscreen that contains both UVA-filtering agents (such as octocrylene, avobenzone, and homosalate) and UVB-absorbing agents (such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide). Even if you haven’t already got thinning or fine hair, opt for a lighter sunscreen to avoid weighing down your hair.

Finally, many sunscreens contain harsh and damaging chemicals that can strip your hair of its natural oils and cause further damage to vulnerable strands. When choosing a sunscreen for your scalp and hair, be sure to look for one that contains organic and natural ingredients, such as green tea extract, niacinamide, green tea oil, and safflower seed oil, to deliver maximum sun protection without damaging your hair.

Benefits of Using Scalp and Hair Sunscreen

Using a sunscreen specifically formulated for scalp and hair health can help protect your hair from the sun’s damaging UV rays, while also adding shine and life to dull and thinning hair. Scalp and hair sunscreens are usually enriched with nourishing antioxidants, amino acids, and proteins that strengthen and condition your hair while delivering UV protection.

These products often contain ingredients that promote cell turnover and help your scalp absorb nutrients more effectively, leading to healthier, thicker, and fuller-looking locks. Additionally, some scalp and hair sunscreens also contain styling agents that can give a natural lift to your hair, allowing you to maintain a voluminous and stylish ‘do without needing to resort to foams, sprays, or other damaging products.


As Californians, we understand the importance of protecting our skin from the sun. However, it’s just as important to protect our scalp and hair from sun damage. By using a sunscreen that is specifically formulated for scalp and hair health, we can keep our locks looking vibrant and healthy, while staying protected from the sun’s powerful UV rays.


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