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Protect, Style & Reinforce: Frequently Asked Questions About Scalp & Hair Sunscreen SPF 40

As the sun shines down even more brightly on Florida, it is essential for men and women to protect their scalp and hair from the damaging UV rays one might not typically think of, and the crème de la crème of scalp and hair sunscreen polymerizes a formidable barrier between the dead-eye of the sun and one’s coif and crown. Zenon Life is an anti-cancer beauty brand teaming with world renowned dermatologists and on-the-go healers devoted to inspiring a vibrant, healthy, and happy life for all. Our scalp and hair sunscreen, SPF 40, is here to help health-minded folks to protect their scalp from sun damage and banish the worry of skin cancer.

But what does this vegan, cruelty-free, non­paraben formula entail? What can you expect from Zenon Life’s SPF 40? This article should help present answers to some of the most commonly asked questions concerning this sunscreen.

What does USP40 do to the scalp and hair?

Zenon Life’s proprietary technology of SPF40 delivers an invigorating lift and volumizing effect to the hair, boosting the feeling of self-assurance with each bouncy, bolstered strand. This very same technology armors the scalp with an invisible wall of protection against the treacherous, ultraviolet rays.

The formula is furthermore loaded with antioxidants, nutrient extracts, and amino acids that enrich the quality of the scalp and hair; niacinamide, for instance, has a great degree of pros for the scalp and hair, such as mitigating flaky scalps and improving the appearance of aging skin. Green tea and licorice root extract, paired with coffee extract, hydrates and insulates the scalp from UV-related stress.

How to apply the sunscreen

Apply a specific quantity of sunscreen to the entire scalp and hair and be sure to evenly disperse the product. For maximum protection, use SPF40 before, and after, going outdoors. Slate the sunscreen 10­15 minutes before heading outside to give the product time to form a protective layer.

Are there any side effects or concerns?

We strive to use safe and effective ingredients to create high performing products that create a powerful shield of protection. Our sunscreen is free of skin irritants, such as artificial dyes, synthetic fragrances, and petroleum-based ingredients. SPF40 contains very few ingredients and the ones it does use are approved by the Environmental Working Group (EWG). Additionally, this sunscreen is hypoallergenic and contains broad spectrum SPF UV blockers.

What other tips can be provided for scalp and hair care?

To further protect the scalp and hair, one should have a practitioner-guided plan in place including products, haircare routine, and a balanced diet for results focussed on maintenance and improvement. Additionally, wellbeing boosters and lifestyle variations can greatly enhance scalp and hair health. We suggest vitamin enriched shampoos, avoidance of chemical laden styling products, and targeted nutritive supplementation to support the scalp and hair’s natural vitality.





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