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Protecting Hair from the California Sun with Scalp Sunscreen Spray

Californians out in the sun are aware of the potential danger of sunburns, however they often overlook the risk of harder-to-notice UV radiation damage to the scalp and hair. Sun damage, especially in climates like California, can cause thinning hair, premature graying, and in extreme cases, even hair loss. The good news is, the answer to this problem is simple- sunscreen spray. Here we will dig into the benefits of scalp sunscreen spray, as well as provide insight into how picking the right product can make all the difference.

The Benefits of Scalp Sunscreen Spray

Scalp sunscreen spray provides preventative protection from damaging UV rays that can cause hair loss and thinning. Used in tandem with other preventive measures like sunscreen, hats, and protective clothing, scalp sunscreen spray can become a integral part of a sun-protective routine.

Scalp sunscreen provides more than just preventative protection. Many products on the market contain additional beneficial ingredients to promote healthy hair growth. Ingredients like antioxidants, vitamin A, and core protein can help to reduce inflammation, combat dandruff, and improve overall scalp health for fuller, healthier hair.

Scalp sunscreen sprays are significant benefit compared to lotions and creams for a couple reasons. Not only do sprays provide an even layer of coverage more quickly and easily than a lotion, but due to the carrier liquid included in many sprays, the product can actually help to boost volume and create styles with more grip and hold.

Considerations When Choosing a Scalp Sunscreen Spray

When choosing a scalp sunscreen spray, it is important to pick a product that delivers both protection from UV rays as well as other antioxidants, minerals, and proteins to promote scalp health.

First and foremost, the spray should have an SPF of at least 40. Generally, the higher the SPF content, the better the protection from UV radiation.

It is also wise to view the list of ingredients included on the product label. Look for UVA and UVB filters like homosalate, octocrylene, octisalat, and avobenzone. Additionally, the added beneficial ingredients like hydrolyzed silk protein, aloe vera, and safflower seed oil can provide extra protection from sunburn and nourishment for the scalp and hair.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, scalp sunscreen spray is an important step to take in protecting and nourishing the scalp in sunny climates like California. Picking a product tailored to skin type, budget, and personal preferences is key. With the right formulation and adherence to the instructions, people can enjoy the sunshine without worry of damaging their hair.


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