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Protecting Your Scalp & Hair from Sunburn – 5 Things to Consider

As temperatures rise and UV radiation increases, it's important to protect your scalp and hair from sunburns and other damage caused by spending too much time in the sun. In Texas, where sunshine is practically year-round, these precautions are even more important, and knowing the right products and steps to take to defend against over-exposure can make a world of difference.

Whether you're concerned about thinning hair, fading color, or sunburn, keeping your scalp safe is an absolute must. There are a few essential (yet often overlooked) ways to keep your scalp covered, so before railing out in the Texas heat, make sure to keep these five tips in mind.

1. Choose an Effective Sunscreen

The foundation of any sunburn prevention strategy is a quality sunscreen, preferably one specifically formulated for your scalp. Many people don't think twice about their scalp when it comes to protection, but ultraviolet (UV) radiation can be just as damaging to the delicate skin on top of your head as it is to the skin on your face. Investing in a scalp and hair sunscreen with an SPF of 40 or higher can be the difference between sunburn-induced hair loss and a lively head of healthy hair.

2. Slather Generously and Liberally

Many people simply don't use enough sunscreen, meaning that protection goes out the window right when it's needed the most. If you're serious about protecting your scalp from sunburn, make sure to cover the entire area – including your face, neck, ears, and the part in your hair. Apply the sunscreen liberally and evenly, and don't be afraid to use a little extra as you'll more than likely be wearing off the earlier coats of sunscreen during the day.

3. Reapply Often

Another common mistake people make when it comes to sunscreen is forgetting to reapply after a few hours. No matter the SPF strength, sunscreen begins to lose its efficacy shortly after being applied. To get true protection from a sunscreen, you'll need to reapply it every few hours and especially after swimming or excessive sweating. It might seem like too much work, but with advances in sunscreen packaging like spray cans, it's incredibly easy and quick to do.

4. Consider Scalp-Friendly Hair Products

When selecting products to style and protect your hair, be sure to avoid those that contain harsh chemicals which can make you more susceptible to sunburn. Opt instead for products that are enriched with antioxidants, amino acids, and other wholesome ingredients to nourish and strengthen your hair. Look for ones which specifically mention coating the hair shaft in a protective barrier to lock in moisture and block out any harmful UV rays.

5. Wear a Hat or Head Scarf

Investing in a hat or head scarf is one of the quickest and easiest ways to protect the scalp from over-exposure to sun damage. A wide-brimmed hat is ideal for intense sunlight and can work wonders when combined with the other protection measures listed above. Wearing a headscarf is also a good way to keep the sun off your scalp while still being stylish. From prints and patterns to basic colors, there are plenty of stylish options to choose from.

Protecting your scalp from sunburn is key to a healthy, vibrant head of hair. With these five tips, you'll be well on your way to safeguarding your scalp from the sun. Be sure to take every precaution when outdoors as UV radiation can be awfully sneaky, but if you're prepared, you have nothing to worry about!


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