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Benefits of Scalp Coloring Sprays: The Ultimate Sun Protection for Thinning Hair

Summertime in California is the peak of outdoor activities, summer vacations, and the problems that come along with too much sun–namely thinning hair and skin cancer. Forgoing protection or not applying sunscreen, has potentially life-threatening consequences; however, with the right defense, those outdoor activities don’t have to be a thing of the past. Scalp coloring sprays are the newest and most effective solution for ultimate sun protection of balding or thinning hair.

At the forefront of this new hair-protecting technology is Zenon Life, a world-renowned anti-cancer beauty brand for all that is inspired by courageous and resilient patients. Its scalp and hair sunscreen, SPF 40, is designed to not only protect and prevent skin cancer, but also nourish and strengthen hair with rich antioxidants; all while lifting and styling full-bodied, gorgeous locks.

Zenon Life’s proprietary technology delivers incredible lift and volume to balding or thinning hair, and is enriched with nourishing amino acids, nutrients, and green tea extracts. Not only does their product prevent sunburn and cancer, but it also acts as a barrier against dryness, brittleness, and other signs of sun damage. The scalp and hair sunscreen is further bolstered by safe and effective UV actives that block out harmful UVA/UVB rays. Furthermore, its advanced collagen-keratin formula protects and smoothes hair all day long.

The solution from Zenon Life is a superior option for anyone seeking protection from sun damage to their hair. Besides the obvious solution of wearing hats, millinery has become increasingly popular for protection against the elements. But what about those who can’t or don’t want to cover their pristine heads with headgear? Scalp coloring sprays are the anwser. Women and men alike can now express themselves with luscious, vibrant locks without fear of sun damage.

Not only is Zenon Life’s product an important defense against thinning and balding, but there are also countless other benefits as well. First and foremost, it provides instant cover for grey hair. Its natural tones blend seamlessly with one's natural hair color, and its long-lasting effect makes it a great alternative to traditional, and potentially irritating, hair dyes. Secondly, its thick viscosity makes it a great detangler, as well as a means of styling. With scalp coloring sprays, anyone can keep their hair looking brushed and voluminous throughout the day, no matter the temperature or weather conditions.

Though its primary function is to provide sun protection, it’s essential to recognize all the great benefits of scalp coloring sprays. Not only can Zenon Life’s product provide protection from the harsh rays of sun, but also nourish and strengthen hair to give people confidence of a healthier, worry-free headspace. It not only guards against sun damage, but also acts as a barrier against dryness, brittleness, and other signs of sun damage, while stylishly volumizing hair with minimal effort. With these innovative products on the market, Californians can now enjoy the great outdoors without worrying about the harmful effects of too much sun.


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