Sunscreen For Colored Hair

Protect Your Colorful Hair and Scalp from Sun Damage with Sunscreen SPF 40

If you live in the sunny state of Florida, you know the dangers of the bright rays beating down on your skin and hair all too well. Whether you’re out for a day in the park or a week at the beach, anyone with colorful hair needs to make sure they protect their scalp and hair from UV damage. But how? What are the best sunscreens for colored hair, and how do you know the ones you pick are really going to work?

In this article, we’re going to explore the frequently asked questions regarding sunscreen for colored hair. From how to protect your scalp to which sunscreen SPF is best for you, we’ll help you choose the best sunscreen for your colorful hair and scalp. Let’s take a look.

Does My Colored Hair Need Sunscreen?

The answer to this question is an emphatic yes. Colored hair, just like any other hair type, can be vulnerable to sun damage. UV radiation can strip away the natural oils your hair needs to stay healthy, leading to dry, brittle, and sun-bleached locks. Sunburn on your scalp can be just as uncomfortable and dangerous. So, yes, your colored hair and scalp need sunscreen.

What are the Best Sunscreens for Colored Hair?

The best sunscreens for colored hair are those that offer a high SPF rating, are waterproof, and contain nourishing, protein-rich ingredients like collagen and silk amino acids. Look for sunscreens that are designed specifically for scalp and hair, like Zenon Life's Scalp & Hair Sunscreen SPF 40, and that protect the scalp and hair without leaving any greasy residue.

What SPF Should I Choose for Colored Hair?

The SPF you choose should reflect the amount of sun exposure you’ll have in a given day. For instance, if you’re going to be spending lots of time outdoors, you should opt for a sunscreen with an SPF of 40 or higher. If you’re just spending a few hours outdoors, a lesser SPF rating may suffice. For optimal protection, we recommend choosing a sunscreen that has an SPF of 40 or higher for colored hair.

Will Sunscreen Weigh Down My Hair Color?

Many sunscreens are designed to protect the scalp and hair without leaving any residue. For example, Zenon Life's Scalp & Hair Sunscreen SPF 40 is designed to nourish hair strands and remains practically weightless throughout the day. This means you can feel confident in your scalp and hair protection without fear of creating a greasy, weighed-down mess.

Tips for Applying Sunscreen to Colored Hair

Applying sunscreen to colored hair can be a bit tricky since you don’t want to leave any residue or weigh down your hair. To prevent this, start by parting your hair into sections. Appy the sunscreen directly to the scalp and let it absorb before moving on to the next section. This will ensure the sunscreen is evenly distributed and doesn’t leave any residue.

Wrapping up

Protecting your colored hair from sun damage should never be overlooked. Sunscreen is a great way to safeguard your hair and scalp from UV radiation and keep your locks looking healthy and vibrant. With the right sunscreen, you can start protecting your hair and scalp today.


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