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Sun Protection for Your Hair and Scalp: How SPF Hair Spray Can Help

We've all heard about the importance of wearing sunscreen, but often we don't think about our hair and scalp when it comes to sun protection. With the rise of skin cancers in the United States, and particularly in California, it is becoming increasingly important to protect our scalps from ultraviolet (UV) radiation. SPF hair spray is an effective and convenient way to keep your scalp safe from sun damage while allowing you to style and volumize your hair.

As part of our mission to promote preventative measures against sun damage and skin cancers, Zenon Life has created a scalp and hair sunscreen SPF 40 – a unique product that nourishes, strengthens, and lifts your hair while safeguarding your scalp from the harsh rays of the sun. In this article, we'll dive into the science behind SPF hair spray and explore the benefits of using a sunscreen that specifically targets the scalp and hair.

Short Term Damage to Hair

Harmful UV radiation can cause a number of drawbacks to both scalp and hair. Most notably, sun exposure can leave your hair looking dull and brittle – contributing to accelerated hair thinning and breakage. On a molecular level, UV radiation can create free radicals (oxidative stress) that damage hair proteins, resulting in weakened hair strands that can break easily. Furthermore, UV radiation can cause irreversible damage to the cuticle – the outer layer of the hair strands – resulting in irreversible damage to your hair's structure and look.

The most common short-term damage from sun exposure is sunburn on the scalp. Sunburns often result in an itchy, burning sensation of the scalp. This sunburn can cause shedding and further weakening of the hair. Additionally, inflammation can occur on the scalp, resulting in redness and even blisters. In extreme cases, permanent damage to the follicles can be caused, leading to hair loss.

How SPF Hair Spray Works

SPF hair sprays work to protect your scalp and hair from the harmful UV rays of the sun. The products are specifically formulated to nourish, strengthen, and volumize your hair while also shielding your scalp from potential harm. The spray works by using physical actives such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which reflect light away from the scalp and hair, creating a protective barrier against UV radiation. Additionally, SPF hair sprays use chemical actives such as avobenzone, octinoxate, and octocrylene. These chemicals absorb harmful radiation, thereby providing additional protection.

On top of the actives, the protective barrier that gets formed on the scalp and hair also helps to retain the natural hydration and moisture of the scalp, thus maintaining healthy hair growth and promoting healthy hair cycles. SPF hair sprays are also enriched with antioxidants, amino acids, and other nourishing molecules that keep your hair looking healthy and beautiful.

Additional Benefits of SPF Hair Spray

Using SPF hair spray can provide your scalp and hair with a variety of benefits. Protection from the sun will help reduce the risk of skin cancer, sunburn, and other types of skin damage. Zenon Life's scalp and hair sunscreen is designed to lift and style your hair as well with its proprietary technology, giving you the confidence of beautifully volumized and healthy-looking hair. The antioxidants, amino acids, and nutrients contained in the formula will also provide nourishment to your hair strands, giving your hair a lustrous shine that will turn heads wherever you go.

Concluding perspectives

The benefits of SPF hair spray are evident. Not only does it protect your scalp and hair from the harmful UV rays of the sun, it also nourishes and strengthens your hair while giving it volume and lift. With SPF hair spray, you can get the sun protection you need with the added confidence of having healthy, beautiful hair.


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