Sunscreen For Your Scalp

The Benefits of Scalp & Hair Sunscreen SPF 40 for Balding Men

Summer in California can be brutal for anyone who is exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays, but for balding men it can be even more taxing. That is, because the harsh rays have a greater impact on unprotected scalps and can cause thinning hair. But thankfully, sunscreen protection for the scalp and hair has become commonplace for balding men who want to slow down the aging process.

Sunscreen for the scalp and hair is formulated with natural and man-made ingredients that are specifically designed to protect, nourish and style balding men’s scalp and strands. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits that this product can provide.

Protection From Sun Damage

The primary purpose of a sunscreen for the scalp and hair is to protect it from the harmful UV rays that cause thinning hair. The ingredients that make up this type of sunscreen are designed with a protective barrier that helps to shield not only your scalp from the sun’s rays, but also helps to protect your hair. Sunscreen with SPF 40 provides a highly protective barrier between your scalp and the sun that helps prevent sunburn and skin cancer.

Nourishing & Strengthening the Hair

Another benefit of a sunscreen for the scalp and hair is that it is formulated with ingredients that help to nourish and strengthen the strands. Ingredients such as antioxidants, amino acids, and nutrients are included in the formula which provides nutrition to the hair and nourishes the scalp. These ingredients can help to reduce or eliminate dry, brittle hair, leaving the strands feeling softer and healthier.

Enhanced Lift & Volume

The scalp and hair sunscreen can also be used to enhance lift and volume in the hair. The proprietary technology used in this type of sunscreen is designed to create remarkable lift and volume in the hair, giving it a luscious, bouncy appearance. This type of sunscreen is also formulated with collagen and silk amino acids to further increase lift and promote healthy hair growth.

Safety & Effectiveness

Finally, the scalp and hair sunscreen is safe and effective. Unlike other sunscreens that are filled with harsh chemicals that can have adverse effects on the scalp, this product is made with natural and safe ingredients such as homosalate, octocrylene, octisalate, avobenzone, niacinamide, green tea extract, and coffee extract. These ingredients provide an effective barrier between the scalp and the sun while still being gentle to the skin.


When it comes to protecting scalps and hair from the sun’s damaging UV rays, a sunscreen specifically designed for this purpose can make all the difference. With a highly protective barrier for the scalp and nourishing and strengthening ingredients for the hair, a sunscreen for the scalp and hair offers balding men a host of benefits. From enhanced lift and volume of the hair to safeguarding the scalp from sun damage, a sunscreen for the scalp and hair can help to slow down the aging process and provide the confidence to enjoy a worry-free lifestyle.


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