Sun Protect Hair Spray

The Top 5 Things to Consider with Sun Protect Hair Spray

Hair loss and the development of skin cancer is a rising concern among people in Texas and around the world. Sun exposure can be a major factor in exacerbating hair loss and potentially result in balding or irritation on the scalp. To protect your hair and scalp from the potential perils of the sun, it is essential to invest in sun protect hair spray. Different sprays designed with sun protection contain a variety of active ingredients that will keep your hair and scalp safe, while also adding volume and texture. Before buying a sun protect hair spray, here are the top five things to consider:

1. Sun Protection & SPF rating

Before investing in a sun protect hair spray, it is essential to determine the product's SPF, or sun protection factor. SPF rating is a measurement that determines how effective an SPF product is in blocking out ultraviolet (UV) radiation. A good sun protect hair spray should have a rating of 30 to 50 SPF, as these provide the maximum protection. It is also important to note that the effectiveness of SPF lasts about an hour or so in the sun, so you may need to reapply your spray if you are in the sun for more than an hour.

2. Nourishment & Hydration

As hair is constantly exposed to environmental stressors, it is essential to find a sun protect hair spray that offers nourishment and hydration. Good sprays should be enriched with antioxidants, amino acids, and nourishing ingredients to keep hair healthy and protected. Ingredients such as chamomile, coconut oil, avocado oil, and coconut water are excellent antioxidants that help to nourish and hydrate hair while providing UV protection.

3. Ingredients & Allergens

When looking for a sun protect hair spray, always check the ingredients list to ensure that it doesn’t contain any allergens. Some common allergens found in SPF sprays are coconut oil, lavender, and tree nut oils, so it is important to make sure that a spray does not contain any of these. Additionally, many SPF sprays contain chemical UV actives such as avobenzone, homosalate, and octocrylene. In order to protect yourself from potential skin irritations, make sure to look for a spray that is free of chemical UV actives.

4. Hair Type & Volumizing

Different sprays available offer different levels of volumizing, which is an excellent way to enhance the overall texture and look of your hair. Depending on your type of hair, you may need a light, medium, or strong level of volumizing. Additionally, some sprays are also enriched with natural amino acids and collagen to further nourish and strengthen strands.

5. Style & Shine

Sprays are also enhanced with ingredients to improve shine and style. For instance, safflower seed oil helps to soften and control frizz, while green tea extract adds shine to the hair. And for those seeking an extra boost of volume, many sprays also contain a variety of polymers to lift and volumize strands.

Concluding perspectives

Before purchasing a sun protect hair spray, always consider the product’s SPF rating, nourishing ingredients, potential allergens, hair type and volumizing needs, and style and shine to ensure that you get the most out of your product. With the right sun protect hair spray, you can keep your hair and scalp safe from the sun and enjoy voluminous, nourished locks that lasts in the Texas heat.


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